A modern contribution to the debates over science and religion,
picking up where Thomas Paine left off in his 18th century classic The Age of Reason...

The conflict between science and religion began with Copernicus but intensified after Darwin, when the creation story of modern science supplanted religious creation stories.

As that conflict ensues today, we must remember what Tom Paine wrote of 200 years ago in The Age of Reason: that it is not a matter of choosing between science and religion. Science is part of the one true religion. Science reveals the Word of the divine, transcribed in the physical universe. While there are religious doctrines in harmony with the revelations of modern science, science is the ultimate inheritor of the spiritual revolution which began with Luther.

We know of one bible in the hand of the Creator. It is written in the divine language of mathematics. Its gospels are numbered with the physical constants. It requires no intermediary to translate its message, but this bible can only be read by one who has opened the divine eye of reason. It was this divine wisdom that elevated us from cave dwellers to moon walkers.
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